Flaithulach Music

TaiChi Soprano G Straw Fire

Sold out.

- Jewellery you can play
- Ceramic Ocarina in StrawFire finish
- 6 hole scales a range of an octave and a 3rd
- Adjustable Necklace
- Songbook/Method included
Are you stressed out over which Ocarina to choose? Well, our TaiChi Ocarina can reduce your stress because it’s inexpensive, requires no special equipment, and can be played indoors or out, either alone or in a group. Our design is based on the ancient tradition of good ocarina making noted by its graceful form and a range that stretches from G5-B6, an octave and a 3rd. Deep breathing produces a gentle focused tone.
A songbook/tutorial gives you songs to play and exercises to do.
Purchase this TaiChi and bring a little serenity into your life.

TaiChi Ocarina Demo

* What is Straw Fire?
Straw fire is when an already kiln-fired ocarina is put inside a fire-proof container and fired again with combustable straw.  The smoke from the fire makes organic designs and rich woodsy color on the surface of the ocarina.  The ocarina is then polished with an organic lacquer which comes from certain trees.  Camphor oil is used to thin the lacquer.  There are a very small number of individuals who have reported allergic reactions to the Straw Fired ocarinas.  If you think you may be allergic to lacquer, or camphor oil, please choose a different ocarina.