Flaithulach Music

The Logarhythm Stomp Box

Chris Woods Signature Edition.

Imagine an infinitely variable rhythm track, with you in total control, able to switch between time signatures at will. Well, now you can - foot-tapping music never sounded so good until the Logarhythm came along. Seasick Steve calls his home-made version the MDM, or Mississippi Drum Machine.

Plug it into your amp or PA (bass up, mid and treble down) and stamp your personality on your music.

Experiment with your favourite footwear - heavy boots for LO, All Stars for MID, leather-soled cowboy boots for HI - and let yourself go!

Join fellow Loggers Mick Jagger, Elbow, Radiohead, Jamie Cullum, Seth Lakeman, Lee Oskar, Seasick Steve Band and more!

The boffins in the denizens of Log World have been busy trying to perfect the perfect stomper and what they've come up with is a new, super-smooth, low-profile wonder.

*Low profile for stomping comfort
*Strong bassy output through redesigned internal chamber