Flaithulach Music

Hylian Shield Ocarina

Sold out.

Legend of Zelda inspired Ocarina by master Ocarina maker Darryn Songbird.

Sweet sounding soprano G ocarina with good intonation.

- Range of an octave and a 3rd

- Beaded Strap
- Comes in a magnetic bronze box
Opening the magnetic bronze box reveals the Hylian Shield, known for it’s magical properties. Legend has it was used long ago by Hylian Knights to ward off disharmony in the world. It’s light weight enabled it to be worn and played by both adults and children.
Each Songbird Shield Ocarina possesses the TriForce Triple Threat:
The Beaded Strap of Security
The Scale of Ascendence from G5-B6
The Magic Tone of Quality

Hylian Shield Demo (please note the Shield ocarinas are white underneath like the still images on this site, not silver as it appears in the demo here).